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Unemployment Claim Certification

TN Unemployment Claim Certification

If you need information about TN Unemployment Claim Certification you will find it here.

We’ll show you how to certify an unemployment claim and apply for a GM Sub benefit in this lesson.

Before we begin, it’s critical to note that you must file an unemployment claim if you are laid off. In order to qualify for GM Sub payment, you must certify that claim on a weekly basis.

It’s also worth noting that we haven’t had any particular unemployment training of any type, and the method we apply for and certify our claim is entirely dependent on our circumstances.


Claim Certification on a Weekly Basis

We’re going to go to to see what’s available.

You navigate to your dashboard now that you’ve logged into the website.

Unemployment communicates with you through your message board if there are any concerns.

Select “Weekly Claim Certification” from the Unemployment Services menu.

To continue your claim, click “File Your Weekly Certification.”


You’ll see a bar at the top, indicating that you must complete each section to receive your certification. As a result, we’ll cooperate with them.

If you’re ready, scroll down and click next.

Be aware of the rules.

This section is about following the regulations in order to avoid overpayments and fraud. So just remember that the way I answer these questions is based on my situation, so follow the regulations, avoid average payments, and don’t commit fraud. Click “Next” after checking “I have read and understand the information on potential fraud penalties.”

Information about how to contact us.

Now you only go over your contact details in this part.

Questions about Eligibility.

These questions refer to the certification weekly claim unemployment’s corresponding date.

That is how I responded to your questions.

Answers to the Eligibility Review in Summary

You can go over your answers again in this section. This gives you the option to amend your answers (click “Change Eligibility Review Answers”).

Check the box that “I have read and understand the information…”

What to Expect Next & How to File a Claim

It’s a thorough explanation, eligibility, work contacts, and certification at the very top of the page. All of the boxes in the form have been checked.

In this situation, you’ve completed all of your tasks. You may read the claim status by looking down here. It provides you with a claim number, credits available, claim effective date, benefit year end date, payment date, and weekly benefit amount, among other information.

This is, after all, a monetary decision. If necessary, you can utilize this information to enter into the GM Sub Pay system. Continue by clicking the “Continue” button.