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Tennessee Unemployment

How to Apply for PUA in Tennessee | Tennessee Unemployment

In this article you will find information on how to Apply for PUA in Tennessee | Tennessee Unemployment.

If you are a self-employed Tennessean, the steps below will guide you through the PUA application process on

Obtain a PUA – Tennessee

First, indicate that you are self-employed and that you are filing for pandemic-related reasons.

Title of Position.

Fill in the job title that best describes your current responsibilities.

In the drop-down box, select one of the pre-populated job titles.

Occupation is a term used to describe a person’s job.

In the Job Occupation drop-down menu, choose a similar choice.

Tennessee Unemployment – How to File for PUA

The instructions below will guide you through the PUA application process on if you are a self-employed Tennessean.

Please include any employers from whom you have received a W-2 within the last 18 months. Click “Search” after typing “Self-Employed.” Then select “I don’t see it in this list” from the drop-down menu:

On the pop-up box, click “OK”:

Again, select “I don’t see it in this list”:

When filling out your work history, keep in mind that unemployment is designed for covered employees, and claimants are typically W-2 employees whose employers contribute to the UI fund.

After you’ve completed the work history, you’ll be sent a wage and separation request, which will ask you why the claimant is separated. You are not required to return this information.

Fill in the employer’s name as “Self-Employed” and the rest of the form with your company’s information.

Locate an industry code that best fits the type of job you conduct by clicking on the blue link in this section.

In our case, I am the proprietor of a restaurant.

In this section, type “Self-Employed”:

After you’ve completed the job history, click “Next” and pick “No” on the next screen.

Information on employment throughout the base period.

There will be no salaries for the base period. You’ll also get a monetary decision declaring that you’re ineligible.

This is not a refusal of benefits. It’s simply informing you that you don’t have enough money to qualify for regular UI. Your claim will be reviewed by the department to see if you are eligible for PUA.

As soon as your claim is processed, you will receive a monetary determination similar to this.

This does not mean you were denied for PUA.