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Maryland Unemployment


Maryland Unemployment - Filing Your Weekly Certification 1

Maryland Unemployment – Filing Your Weekly Certification

Here you will find information about Unemployment in Maryland – Weekly Certification Presentation.

You’ll learn how to handle a weekly certification request in this video.

In this section of the training, you’ll learn how to use the Claimant Portal to submit a Weekly Certification request. When a claimant has an active claim and a week is available for weekly certification, this process begins.


Fill out a Weekly Claim Certification form.

Select the icon that says “File a Weekly Claim Certification”:22

Please log in to BEACON. Put your Username and Password in the boxes below. Choose the Login option.

Begin by going to the main menu and selecting Weekly Certification.

The 1099-G (Return for Recipients of Certain Government Payments) tax form is issued for any person receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefits during the immediately preceding calendar year. For an individual who received UI benefits in Maryland, the 1099-G will reflect the total amount of Maryland UI benefit payments that were even issued within that year. This may differ from the week of unemployment for which benefits were paid.
1099-Gs are issued for the previous calendar year. The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Division issued 1099-G forms in BEACON in 2021 by January 31, 2022.
If you did not consent to receive your 1099-G tax form electronically only (through BEACON), the form will be mailed to the address you have registered in your BEACON portal. This Division began mailing 1099-G tax forms in January 2022 and completed the task in early February 2022.
The 1099-G is also available in BEACON 2.0. The 1099-Gs and are only issued to the person to whom benefits have been paid.

The payment deferral under the RELIEF Act ended on December 31, 2021. For the state ALIVIO Act, contributory and reimbursable employers would elect to defer their unemployment insurance (UI) payments for the first three quarters of 2021. Contributory and reimbursable employers who have deferred payments for calendar year 2021 would be required to make their outstanding payments by the due dates that have been stipulated.