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Personal Information and Login Details

Personal Information and Login Details

In this article you will find information about personal information and login details.

Please enter your email address here. To confirm, insert the tour email address again. Make a password for yourself. The password requirements will be displayed in an information window. To be sure, type your password again.

Choose the security question and answer it. You must input your first name, last name, social security number, retype your social security number, and date of birth under personal information.

After you’ve input all of your information, click Create Account:

Take a moment to double-check that the data you entered is right. If you need to alter anything, click the Edit button and make the necessary changes. Select “Confirm Account” from the drop-down menu.

This is the user agreement:

It is critical that you familiarize yourself with this material. To finish the registration procedure, click the “I Agree” button after reading the User Agreement.

You must now verify your email address. An email was sent to the address you supplied. To login to the uplink claim and self-service logon screen, open your email and click the link provided. It could take up to ten minutes for the email to get live. For one hour, the link will be active.

Claimant Self-Service Sign-In

You’ll be taken to the logon screen after clicking on the email. Click “Sign In” after entering your email address and password.

Information about how to contact us

Fill in your primary phone number, an additional number if one is available, and your email address under contact information.


Provide your mailing address, city, state, and zip code under the address details section. Next should be selected.

It’s possible that this box will appear there. The four-digit extension on the zip code is required by the post office. Click “Select” after selecting the verified address.

You may need to visit a workplace when you are not in the office. Please choose a city. Next should be selected.

Information on the population

The next section contains your demographic data. Your educational level, ethnicity, race, and gender are all factors. You’ll also be asked if you’re disabled, if you’re a veteran, and if you’re a citizen. Please enter your alien registration number and expiration date if you are not a citizen.

Click “Continue” after reading the box about protecting your identity.

Enter your personal information, including your 10-digit driver’s license number, after answering all of the Yes or No questions. Verify the number on your driver’s license. Complete the remaining fields and click the box to confirm your answers. “Next” should be selected.

Select “I understand. Continue” from the drop-down menu.

Your Claimant Homepage will appear next, and your registration will be complete. If you have any further questions, please use the comment area to contact us.