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Verify Your Identity

Tips for Using a Trusted Referee to Verify Your Identity

Here you can find tips on how to use a trusted referee to verify your identity.

Hello, my unemployment insurance benefit year has ended, thus I’m filing a fresh application.

I did not need to use to prove my identity the previous time I applied, so this is a new step for me. To finish this step successfully, I am now awaiting a tutorial with a Trusted Referee.

Do you have any suggestions for assisting me in using to verify my identity?

Hello, my name is Kevin, and I’m here to assist you. Let me start by giving you some background information. The EDD has collaborated with to assist fight fraud and secure your identity so that you can get unemployment benefits when you need them. is a reputable technology partner who assists you in safeguarding your personal information. Even if you were validated on a previous claim, you will be needed to prove your identification with while filing for unemployment insurance benefits through UI online.

This is accomplished by using a smartphone or tablet to upload a photo of your driver’s license, ID, or passport, as well as a video selfie.

If is unable to authenticate your identification using your photo ID and video selfie, you can finish the procedure with a video conversation with a “Trusted Referee,” an employee. Trusted Referees are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


By waiting in the virtual line, you can connect with a Trusted Referee.


What went wrong with my documents?

I’m sorry your documents were rejected the first time around. To defend against identity fraud, the identity verification process performs many checks.


However, some people – through no fault of their own – are unable to get over the fact that the photo on their ID paper may be fuzzy or darkened. It’s possible that the information held by a credit bureau is inaccurate or obsolete. It’s possible that your personal credit is either non-existent or frozen. It’s also possible that your phone number isn’t linked to your name.


When you pick the Verify identity on a video call button, a Trusted Referee will assist you in confirming your identity.

To have a Trusted Referee verify your identity, you must give either two primary documents OR one primary and two secondary identity documents for them to review. A driver’s license, passport, state ID, or other government-issued ID would be examples of primary documents. A utility bill, social security card, or bank statement are examples of secondary documents that show your name.


Do you have any suggestions for how I can pass the video call?

We want to make sure you’re able to correctly authenticate your identity. “No identity left behind” is the motto. The EDD and have worked hard to make this procedure as simple as possible, however there are times when unanticipated complications arise that cause delays.


Let’s begin by discussing some of the most typical reasons why people’s documents fail.

1 – Do not submit the same document more than once. Your document will fail inspection if you upload the same identity document twice. For each category, you must upload a different document.


2 – Double-check that your documents are valid. The documents must be readable and match the given identity. If your name has recently changed, include a legal document, such as a marriage certificate, that explains why your primary document bears a different name.


3 – Documents that have passed their expiration date. Check to see whether your paperwork hasn’t expired. If it’s expired, see if the date fits inside the state’s expiration extension period.

4 – Secondary documents that are ineligible. A statement or bill that is more than 90 days old is one of the most prevalent blunders.

5 – Photocopies should not be used. Your document will be rejected if you submit a scan or screenshot of it. Make sure to photograph the original documents. A photocopy of your birth certificate or social security card presented as an image will also be denied.

6 – The image you sent does not capture the entirety of the document. You must submit a picture of the entire document. As a general guideline, make sure that all four corners of the paper are visible. When the seal on a birth certificate is not visible, it is frequently rejected. The document will be rejected if it is folded and the information is not fully viewable.

7 – You may be required to upload images of both the front and back sides of some papers. If you don’t do so, your paper will be rejected. Driver’s licenses are the most commonly affected by this inaccuracy.


Unfortunately, during times of high unemployment, predicted wait times for Trusted Referee video calls may be greater. They express their regret for the inconvenience and encourage you to persevere. is the quickest way to authenticate your identification, and UI Online is the quickest way to submit your unemployment benefits application.

Instead of using your phone, we recommend utilizing a laptop, computer, or tablet to make waiting a little easier. Check that your gadget is fully charged by plugging it in. If you’re using Wi-Fi to access the internet, make sure you’re in an area with decent coverage.

If you wish to take a break from your smartphone while you wait, ensure sure any power-saving settings are turned off. This ensures that you do not lose your place in line. If you can’t wait online, click Save and Come Back Later.

This allows you to save your submitted papers and come back at a later time.

You will receive a confirmation email once the Trusted Referee has confirmed your identification, allowing you to share this information with EDD and continue the claim filing process.


Is this to say that I still have things to accomplish once I’ve finished with the Trusted Referee?

Yes, and it is really significant.

When you finish your identity verification, you must give the EDD your personal information. When prompted, select Allow to accomplish this.

When working with a Trusted Referee, you’ll most likely need to log back into UI Online and choose File New Claim:

When prompted, log in to and select Allow.

Remember, your application isn’t complete until it’s been sent to the EDD and you’ve received confirmation.

Will I have to go through this process again if I apply for benefits in the future?

The good news is that you can use any partner once you’ve verified your identity with They will, however, constantly want to make sure you are who you say you are. For returning claimants, the process has been simplified. To be safe, will usually send a code to your personal cell phone.

Visit the Support website at or if you have any other queries.