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Work-Seeking Requirements

Requeriments, in this essay, we’d like to discuss the EDD requirements for looking for suitable work in order to get unemployment benefits.

The EDD has reinstated this requirement, and we want you to know that there are a variety of options available to assist you in returning to work when the state’s economy recovers.

What impact does this have on you?

It means that, from July 11, 2021, the majority of customers will be obliged to hunt for a job in order to meet the conditions for unemployment benefits.

Let us provide you with some background information on sime.

Since the beginning of the program, the requirement to look for a job has been a feature of the unemployment insurance program. During the pandemic, the federal government temporarily waived this requirement, and the work search requirement in California has been suspended since March 2020.

Customers were allowed to answer No when asked if they had looked for a job while completing their weekly certification for benefits and still be eligible for benefits. The EDD’s labor requirements have changed.

Now that the economy is improving, most people will need to hunt for acceptable work every week in order to be eligible for benefits.


Obligation to look for work

The EDD will send you a notice clarifying your new job search requirement if you are obliged to look for work. The EDD also has a number of resources to assist workers in locating reemployment programs and returning to safe and suitable employment.


Continued Claim Form – Certifying (UI Claim Form)

Any two weeks, every customer receiving unemployment benefits must certify for benefits by filling out a form. Certifying is the process of answering simple questions on the Continued Claim form, also known as the UI Claim Form by many individuals.


This form lets us know if you meet the weekly eligibility requirements and allows us to pay you if you do. Six questions are asked on the UI Claim Form to determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits.


“Did you look for work?” is the third question. They’ll go over a long list of job search actions you can do in a few minutes to honestly say Yes to this question. If you answer No, claiming that you did not look for work as needed, you may be scheduled for an eligibility interview to obtain additional information, which could result in your benefits being denied for that time period.


When should I begin seeking work?

The majority of those receiving unemployment benefits are projected to begin looking for work by July 11, 2021. We will send you a notice titled Work Search Requirement in the mail. This message informs you that your job search requirement is now in effect.

We hope you began looking for a job on July 11th and can honestly say “Yes” when you apply for assistance. Job opportunities are now accessible as the state’s economy reopens. Don’t be hesitant to take advantage of the free job-search assistance offered by America’s Job Center of California.

Visit locator/ to find a location near you.

What does it mean to be on the lookout for a job?

Any endeavor to find work that is reasonable is appropriate. Among the activities that can be used to find suitable work are:

  • Getting ready for your job search
  • Looking for job on the internet
  • Job applications

Individuals should contact employers about possible job opportunities.

Job Seeker: Returning to Work ( is a new webpage with a comprehensive list of work search activities you can perform to honestly answer “Yes” to the certification question “Did you look for work?”

Typical job search

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most typical job-hunting activities: Job hunting on the internet, in newspapers, and in other publications. Applying for a job, interviewing for a job, or completing a civil service exam.

Talking about job openings with friends, former colleagues, and community people over the phone or in person. Sending resumés to potential employers or posting them on a job board. Making contact with potential employers, including prior employers, about a job or résumé you submitted.

On a professional networking site, creating a user profile. Using a staffing firm, temp agency, recruiter, or placement agency to find work. Attending a job fair, virtual job fair, networking event, or job club as a job seeker. Updating your resumé, watching videos on job-search topics, and so on, in preparation for your job search. Participating in training classes that will assist you in finding job while not interfering with your capacity to accept work. Courses in computer literacy and English as a Second Language are two examples (ESL).

Work search activities for PUAs

There are numerous other steps you can take if you are receiving PUA benefits, especially if you are a small business owner or an independent contractor.

The following are some of the actions that PUAs engage in when looking for work:

  • Getting new clients to help you rebuild your business
  • Competitive bidding for new contracts
  • Executing marketing campaigns

Attending networking events, participating in relevant workshops, and making any efforts to develop your business beyond the services you now provide are all good ways to expand your network. Participating in training or education courses that will benefit your business but will not prevent you from returning to full-time self-employment.

Create a user account.

Making a new account. If you are an independent contractor who is looking for employment and has previously worked for an online platform, you can create an account on another online platform to look for suitable work.

Job-Seeking Activities

Visit for more information about work search activities and services available to assist you in finding your next job opportunity (Job Seekers: Returning to Work webpage).

Members of the Trade Union

If you’re a union member, answer “Yes” to certification Question #3, “Did you look for work?” if you’re registered with your union and meet the union’s reporting and dispatch standards.

Some people may be excluded from the job search requirement. Visit the Job Seekers: Returning to Work homepage ( to learn more.

You can say “Yes” to Question #3 as long as you are actively looking for work. Remember that if you respond “No,” the EDD may need to set up a determination interview with you so that we may speak with you, as you may no longer be eligible for unemployment benefits now that the state has reopened and your job search requirements have changed. The EDD is dedicated to assisting all Californians in regaining financial stability.

We hope we’ve been of assistance.