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Claim for unemployment benefits

Is it necessary to show documentation of job search in order to claim for unemployment benefits?

Claim for unemployment benefits, beginning in July, California’s job search criteria will be required to obtain unemployment benefits, according to the EDD.

Because of the pandemic, millions of Americans lost their jobs, causing many to rely on state unemployment assistance. This help is meant to offer workers with temporary financial assistance if they become unemployed.

As the job situation worsened as a result of the epidemic, several states, notably California, eliminated the need to look for work in order to qualify for benefits. As the economy recovers, however, the job seeking criteria must be met once more.


Is Proof of Job Search Required to Apply for California Unemployment Benefits?

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) recently declared that persons who receive or seek unemployment benefits will be required to achieve that condition once more.

As California’s economy reopens, job growth continues, therefore people receiving unemployment benefits must complete the work search criteria by July 11, 2021 in order to keep their benefits.


How are you going to meet the job-search requirement?

EDD provides free job search assistance through CalJOBS, which allows you to search for and apply for positions or job opportunities. Also, the America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) provides services that connect employers with job seekers.

The job search criterion is met by publishing a profile on various job search sites, watching videos on job search related topics, growing your network, and participating in allowed job training, in addition to registering with CalJOBS and the AJCC.