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Continued Benefits Certification

The Benefits CertificationWe’ll walk you through one of the most important features of UI Online in this post: qualifying for your continued benefits.

You must first register in Benefit Programs Online and create a UI Online account before you may certify for continuous benefits via UI Online. If you haven’t already done so, please check our other instructional post “Overview and Registration,” which will guide you through the process of setting up your Benefit Programs Online and UI Online accounts.

Log in with your email address and password after creating your account.

After logging in, check the “Notifications” section.

The “Certify for Benefits” button will appear when you have weeks that are ready to be certified.

Make sure to turn in your credentials by the deadline. Failure to certify on time could jeopardize your eligibility for several weeks. If this is not the case, a notice will appear instead, recommending you to return.

Select the “Certify for Benefits” option to get started.

Benefits Certification

The “Certify for Benefits” page follows, which contains information regarding the certification procedure as well as some relevant resources for your usage.

Select the “Certify for Benefits” link when you’re ready to start certifying for your continuing benefits.

Questions Regarding Certification

Most clients sign up for two weeks of benefits at a time. If you have numerous weeks to certify, you’ll begin with the oldest.

A progress bar can be found at the top of this page. This informs you of your current status in the certification process. We are currently certifying for ongoing benefits during Week 1 in this example.

You’ll also notice the “? Help icon” next to each certification question.

Select the “? Help symbol” for extra information if you’re unsure how to answer any of the certification questions.

You’ll begin with Question #1 and work your way through a total of six questions. These are the same questions that appear on the Continued Claim form on paper. You’ll get this warning message if you try to exit the page without saving it.

To stay on the screen and continue, select the “Stay on Page” button. If you need to leave the screen while you’re certifying for your ongoing benefits, click the “Save as Draft” button.

This allows you to resume your previous session the next time you log in.

Your data will be kept on file until Sunday at midnight.

Your progress up to this point has been saved, and you can resume where you left off.

To continue, hit the “Next” button once you’ve completed all of the questions.


If additional information is required to process your certification, you will be asked clarification questions, such as the ones displayed on this screen, to assist the EDD in determining if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the many types of explanation questions you can encounter.

When you answer “Yes” to Question #1, “Were you too unwell or injured to work?” for example. You’ll be asked clarifying questions like the ones pictured above.

If there is any doubt about your eligibility for payment, a representative may contact you, or a phone appointment may be made, and you will be notified by mail.

When you answer “Yes” to Question #2, “Was there any reason (other than sickness or injury) why you couldn’t accept full-time job every workday?” You’ll be asked questions like the ones on this screen to clarify things.

When you respond “Yes” to Question #3 (“Did you look for work?”), you are indicating that you have looked for work. This optional screen will appear, which you can use to document your job search efforts.

Although you are not needed to fill out this screen, we do recommend that you do so because the information you put here may be retrieved at any time by simply entering your certification record. If you don’t want to use this useful feature, simply press the “Next” button to continue with the certification procedure.

When it comes to Question #4, “Did you deny any work?” pick “Yes.” You’ll be asked questions like the ones on this screen to clarify things.

If you answer “Yes” to Question #5, “Did you start attending any form of school or training?” You’ll be asked questions like the ones on this screen to clarify things.

When answering “No” to Question #6, “Did you labor or earn any money, whether or not you were paid?” You’ll have to respond to this follow-up question about other sources of income.

Examine the various sources of income and then pick “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether you’ve received any of them. Select “Yes” if you received a type of income that isn’t listed and aren’t sure if it needs to be reported. To proceed, press the “Next” button after you’ve made your choice.

When you choose “Yes” (as seen on the previous screen), you’ll be asked these additional questions and asked to describe the type of income you got in a narrative format.

The answers to these questions will aid the EDD in determining whether the income you received is deductible from your weekly assistance payment. Select “Not Reported” from the “Income Type” drop-down selection if the income you received isn’t listed.

To proceed, select “Next” after completing the essential information. Let’s get started on week 2 now that we’ve finished week 1.